Miami, USA is featured in One Pan Am Episode, being Unscheduled Departure.

Dean decides that they should divert to Miami. That means a shorter trip, which means they need less fuel, which means they can burn some now to lose some weight. Kate decides to leave Henry's body behind to compensate for the added passenger's weight The plan’s working great, but when a few trucks of Haitian rebels begin to show up, Dean knows they have to leave now!.Dean successfully performs a dangerous take-off to Miami, where Kate asks Richard to ensure the orphan is allowed into the U.S. A Pan Am official confronts the stewardesses wanting to know who was responsible for allowing the stowaway on board, but walks away without further inquiry after they present a united front. The Miami base manager sternly lectures Dean about landing in a hostile country, leaving the body of a passenger behind, and returning with the orphan, telling him he would have been fired if he were not in Juan Trippe's favor. As he leaves the manager's office, Dean is met by a prolonged kiss from Colette.

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  • The Pan Am Stewardesses waiting to be Questioned on Who Brought The Stowaway
  • Colette and the French Refugee waiting at The Miami Airport
  • The Pan Am Stewardesses are questioned about Who brought the French Refugee
  • Colette kisses Dean at The Miami Airport
  • After Colette kissed Dean at The Miami Airport