Maggie Ryan
Flight Crew Maggie
Christina Ricci as Maggie
Vital statistics
Role Flight Stewardess
Head Purser
Gender Female
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Race Caucasian
Appearances All
Played by Christina Ricci

Maggie Ryan is a character in "Pan Am". She is played by actress Christina Ricci. She is a purser, or head stewardess. She lives in New York and shares her apartment with Greenwich Village beatniks. Maggie was the fill-in head purser for Bridget Pierce.She comes from Tacoma,Washington.


In 1959 Maggie was working at a diner in Tacoma,Washington where she took interest in reading The Great Gatsby then serve.

In 1961 she was working in administration at The University Of California.At administration she saw Roxanne Gibson drop world literature because she is a Pan Am stewardess and so Maggie doesn't had in the slip and impersonates Roxanne and others.She completes the whole term until Professor Kolker catches her out. That same year in San Francisco Maggie applies for a job with Pan Am but she arrives late and is told that she can't apply but she models and tells them her statics and what she thinks of models and models for them and gets the job.

In 1963 Maggie was suspended for uniform violation(not wearing her girdle). But in April Bridget Pierce didn't show up for the maiden voyage for the Clipper Majestic and so Maggie Ryan replaced her as Head Purser.

In October Maggie has a brief relationship with Congressman Rawlings and sets his speech on fire.

In November Ted's fiancee Amanda kisses Maggie on the lips and she tells Ted in which he doesn't believe her and she just says to forget it.

Maggie starts a another relationship with Broyles(A pilot) and Maggie smuggles jewels .

Love InterestsEdit

He first appears in Ich Bin Ein Berliner


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