Kate Cameron
Flight Crew Kate
Vital statistics
Role Stewardess
CIA agent
Gender Female
Age  ?
Race Caucasian
Played by Kelli Garner

Kate Cameron is a character in Pan Am who is secretly a CIA agent. Her younger sister is Laura Cameron, a fellow flight stewardess who followed her into her current job. She is played by actress Kelli Garner.


Kate may be an asset for British Secret Services, MI-6.

She sometimes feels burdened by Laura, and feels that her mother never loved her as much as she loved her sister. She is constantly in Laura's shadow, and feels that Pan Am was her own thing, and then Laura is all of the sudden the "face of Pan Am." Kate loves her sister, though, and tries to protect her from their manipulative mother. (We'll Always Have Paris)

Kate often disregards orders in favor of doing what she feels best. She is also very strong. Kate was in a relationship with Niko Lonza (until he was turned into an agent by CIA, with the unwilling assistance of Kate).


Mother: "Laura needs me!"

Kate: "She'll be fine."

Mother: "How would you know that?"

Kate: "Because I needed you, too, and I'm fine."


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