Dean Lowrey
Flight Crew Dean
Mike Vogel as Dean Lowrey
Vital statistics
Role Captain
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Caucasian
Appearances All
Played by Mike Vogel

Dean Lowrey is a character in Pan Am. He is a Boeing 707 pilot recently promoted to Captain. He is played by actor Mike Vogel. He was originally going to be played by Jonah Lotan.

Season oneEdit

He was once dating Bridget Pierce, who was a carrier but also a CIA agent. After a mission that has gone wrong, Bridget was deactivated and disappeared from Pan Am. Dean went to Paris to look for Bridget, but to hear that Bridget was married. It wasn't true as the man who told Dean that Bridget is married is also an agent. The heart-broken Dean ended up getting drunk and dancing with Colette.

In the fourth episode Eastern Exposure, he got into a fight with his co-pilot Ted Vanderway because he said that why won't Ted just tell his dad to get him his own pilot position. Ted punched him, giving him a black eye. He later on apologized to Ted.

Then in the fifth episode "One Coin in a Fountain" on his flight to London, he met Ginny Sadler and had an affair with her. He then found out that she's the mistress of the Pan Am vice president Mr. Everett Henson. He ended the affair after Ginny confessed her love for him. Their affair was told to Mr. Henson by Maggie in order to save her own job.

In the seventh episode "Truth or Dare", it seems that his friendship with Colette has deepened after he let Colette fly the plane. Colette said that her dream was to fly a plane.

In the eighth episode, after a rough night, Colette and Dean kiss.


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