Bridget Pierce
Bridget pan am
Vital statistics
Role Stewardess
MI6 agent (formerly)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Race English
Appearances 4 episodes
Played by Annabelle Wallis

Bridget Pierce is a character in Pan Am. She is a former purser and covert intelligence agent. She also dated Dean. She is played by actress Annabelle Wallis.

Season oneEdit

She seems to still care for Dean, as "Pilot", she looks at him through a window and appears very sad that she is not inside with him.

In the second episode "We'll Always Have Paris", she received a package carried by Kate. It contained her new ID and identity as Elizabeth Reese. She said it was to warn Kate what would happen if she didn't follow orders. She said she didn't want to give up Dean.

In Secrets and Lies, Bridget returns and visits Kate in New York. Since Kate was working for the CIA, Bridget felt comfortable telling her the truth. She then travels on Dean's flight hoping to talk to him. Despite the fact that Colette is dating him, she allowed Bridget and Dean to talk. When they do talk, Bridget tells Dean the truth about being a spy for MI6. With his new knowledge he remains upset but sleeps with her anyway.

After the events of Secrets and Lies, Bridget returns to work at Pan Am. (Diplomatic Relations) She hopes to get back together with Dean despite his relationship with Colette however she would respect his choice. When they landed in Moscow, Bridget, Colette, Laura, and Kate decided to go sightseeing, but KGB agents interpret Laura's innocent photography as an espionage attempt. She and Bridget are then detained for interrogation causing the crew's Soviet host to cancel the trip and insist they return to the United States. It meant leaving Laura and Bridget behind.

After Kate discovered that Captain Broyles smuggles liquor into the Soviet Union, she asks him to bribe an influential Kremlin official, whom she contacts via the double agent, to free Laura and Bridget. Her plan works, and Laura and Bridget are freed.

Meanwhile back on the return flight, Colette finds one of Dean's cufflinks in Bridget's suitcase, causing her to learn of Dean sleeping with her.