Season 1, Episode 14
Pan am 1964
Air date February 19 2012
Written by Nick Thiel
Directed by Andrew Bernstein
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1964 is the 14th episode of the first season.

This is the Season Finale of Season One and the Series Finale of Pan Am


Life has changed on a dime for the crew of Pan Am. Since President Kennedy's assassination and as New Year's Eve approaches for the start of 1964, everyone's lives are hurtling towards new starts: Colette is caught up in a whirlwind courtship with a foreign prince, and Dean is still kicking himself over losing her; Amanda and Ted's wedding plans are racing forward, thrilling his family, but making him more nervous by the day; Kate's spy supervisor, Richard, is shot and she tries to figure out whether he or someone else is a double agent -- He warns her that the first person to ask her how he is doing will be the double agent, but the first person who does is the one person she never imagined; and Amanda makes Laura a startling offer. Meanwhile, Broyles puts Maggie in a life-threatening position which sparks a major attraction to him -- Laura forges on, still loving the man she can't have, and Dean is put on trial for the decisions he made during the Haiti landing.

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Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Ashley Greene as Amanda Mason

Guest CastEdit

  • Darren Pettie as George Broyles
  • Mark Blum as Captain Jackson
  • Pedro Carmo as Roberto
  • Jeremy Davidson as Richard
  • David Harbour as Roger Anderson
  • Marek Piter as Omar
  • Haythem Noor as Andre
  • Kal Parekh as Sanjeev
  • David Pittu as Base Manager
  • Jonathan Raviv as Josefo
  • Jay O. Sanders as Douglas Vanderway.


  • New York, USA